Valve’s Hiring Website Hints At New Games & ‘Top Secret’ Projects

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Valve has several successful games under its banner, but in terms of the company launching new titles to existing franchises or launching brand new IPs, Valve has been a bit quiet on that front. However it seems that the company could have something in the works, according to a hiring website that the company has recently setup.

According to the hiring website, it seems that Valve is looking to hire new employees for work on new games and top secret projects. Unsurprisingly the website doesn’t list specifics of what kind of games Valve could be hiring for, but there are many gamers out there who are undoubtedly waiting for Half-Life 3, which at this point in time feels like it may never happen.

That being said, just last month Valve announced that they had acquired Campo Santo who is behind indie titles such as Firewatch. We suppose if you wanted, you could consider that to be one of Valve’s more recent releases, although we’re sure that there are gamers who are looking forward to seeing more of Valve’s originals.

In any case only time will tell if and when Valve does get around to making their own games again, but hopefully this website is a sign that they are starting things back up again.

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Valve’s Hiring Website Hints At New Games & ‘Top Secret’ Projects
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