Top Outdoor Design Trends For Summer

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With more than 30 years of business on Long Island, Kuhn Construction has seen many styles when it comes to the design of a home. Continuing on through 2018, here are some top trending looks that homeowners have been asking for, covering everything from luxurious interior décor to a backyard oasis.

Open Interiors

Yes, you guessed it—still opening up those walls. The first floor open floor plan is still current as ever. It allows for better entertaining spaces and a more natural flow between dining, living and kitchen areas.


Quartz is still stealing the show in countertops—its stain resistance, strength and flawless patterns have proven how reliable it is. This material isn’t going away anytime soon.

Accent Backsplash

Crisp white kitchen cabinets are allowing for a canvas of decorative backsplash. Whether its glass tile or etched marble, it’s certainly a look many homeowners are loving.

Metal Finish

Another popular client request is for decorative hardware to really give style to their space. Be open-minded to different finishes like brass, bronze and pewter this year.


There is an upswing on two-panel arched and track sliding interior doors recently. Door styles can really enhance the character of your home and homeowners are not hesitating to take advantage of it.

Outdoor Kitchens

Those lucky enough to live on an island can agree that being outside is a favorite pastime. There has been an influx in requests for built-in outdoor cooking spaces along with covered bar areas, making our backyards more useful and enjoyable.

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