Horizon: Zero Dawn Developers Recruiting For New Game

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@rjejr It's about product positioning. They wouldn't drop the 720p screen because it's absolutely essential to hit the target price, they'd drop to so you're very aware you're buying the inferior model, not the real one. Every single time you play it. The same reason you get all the PS4Pro logos all over your PS4 stuff. To remind you constantly you're behind the times for not having upgraded yet.

They won't be dating Skyrim and the like until E3 (and Skyrim will be dated at Bethesda's "unofficial" conference at the Nokia/Microsoft Theatre the Sunday before E3.) But I think we'll get an Arms direct at absolute minimum as it's a new IP launch. And since we're getting a Treehouse for Splatoon Testfire tomorrow, I'm sure we'll be getting something for proper Splatoon launches, and maybe a few info facts on other announcements in there.

Pokemon. I'm SURE there's one more 3DS pokemon. Why not? It's popular, has a huge install base of the target audience, Gamefreak ALWAYS launches a game on the outgoing hardware befoer the new one ramps up, though I don't think we're getting a 2017 Pokemon. Still, there's money to be had on 3DS before they dump it....they won't mind if it defers Switch sales until later. Especially since as you said, Switch's pricepoint isn't geared at kids and Nintendo is aware of that (3DS is the kids system remember.)

"Parents spend $300 on a phone for their kids, but kids need phones. Psychologically speaking in our time they do. (My kids have a $100 and $30 smartphone, they work just fine.)"

Seriously? In my day you got a quarter and a "go find a pay phone." It's not like flea-bitten dudes in "ice cream trucks" weren't around back then either.

"m still nto compeltley sold on Switch sales skyrocketing outside of Japan. Vita is doing fine in Japan, they'll buy a Switch. PS4 crushed Wii U and is keeping X1 down as well. Switch should do better, but nothing is a given. Zelda is a game of all time candidate, hasn't helped Wii U any now has it? "

Zelda is a Switch game. WiiU owners, all hundred of us, know it was a WiiU game. To everyone else in the world it is a Switch game that's also released for the old Wii thing. Nintendo marketed it that way very intentionally as well. I don't know that Switch will top PS4 sales (I don't know that it won't, either), as PS4 is doing very well, but Switch is gunning for 3DS's market PLUS some of the Wii & PS4 market. Not aiming to beat Playstation at its own game.

I don't know where the weird "there's only #1" mentality came from with this business. Success doesn't mean being #1 in hardware sales. Heck, X1 is considered more "successful" than WiiU based on hardware install base, but WiiU actually made money and X1 is still losing money..... We have a very different meaning of "success" in the gaming community than investors seem to have

WiiU failed because it didn't make ENOUGH (and came narrowly close to not making any) money, and was a dead end that was never going to. A "successful" Switch is one that makes money, preferably tons of money selling software early and often to system buyers.

Source : http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2017/03/game_freak_is_recruiting_for_new_console_game

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