10 Great Mobile Strategy Games For IPhone And IPad

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Microsoft and Apple bring unique hardware and software strengths to personal computing. Microsoft's enterprise partnerships, pervasive software presence, and decades-long PC dominance make it synonymous with productivity and personal computing. Apple's high-end devices, hardware and software synergy and invaluable 'cool factor' make it an industry powerhouse, the standard by which rivals are measured and a consumer and media darling.


In the PC space, Microsoft has crushed Apple's consumer and business efforts for decades. Conversely, Apple's iPhone-led charge ultimately resulted in the death of Microsoft's phone strategy. And the iPad, which dominates the tablet PC market, overshadows Microsoft's successful Surface 2-in-1, though the two devices exist in distinct product categories.

Still, Apple's newest 9.7-inch slate tablet with Apple pencil is aimed at the same education market Microsoft's targeting with its new 10-inch 2-in-1 with Surface Pen and TypeCover. Here are five reasons why Microsoft's Surface Go is best for students and three reasons why Apple's iPad rules.

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Why Surface Go is the way to go

Microsoft's software and hardware solutions are preferred among schools (and businesses) around the world. According to consulting firm Futuresource, Microsoft hardware had 44% of the global education market in May. This market dominance lends itself to a comprehensive end-to-end approach.

Source : https://www.windowscentral.com/five-reasons-why-surface-go-better-students-and-two-reasons-choose-ipad

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