\'Fork Parker\'s Crunch Out\' Is An SNES Game Made For Charity

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The overseas version of Super Nintendo released in the USA in 1991

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), it is announced that new software will be released in 2018 without fail. The reason for being released for SNES for the first time in 27 years is "

Fork Parker's Crunch Out "The traditional dot picture has become a dazzling title in a game called"

Fork Parker's Crunch Out - Mega Cat Studios


It is a publisher for indie games

Devolver Digital Has announced the game "Fork Parker's Crunch Out" for SNES to raise crisis awareness at the game development site. The stage is a game development company, and it is black jokes like contents on the employees who are made to work for a long time in a busy period until game releasing. The game title "Crunch Out" is an industrial term that refers to the fact that the project team, chased by the deadline at the end of the game development, repeats long hours of work including all night.

Fork and Parker, a fictitious CFO of Devolver Digital, has appeared in the game, and users must use this character to successfully manage their employees and ship the game on time. While giving coffee to employees and investing in the company's amenity, it seems that you can enjoy strangely realistic settings that keep employees motivated and prevent rebellion.


Sometimes it seems that there are times when it is made to revive using a defibrillator for developers who collapsed with patary.

The game was developed by Mega Cat Studios and will be sold by Devolver Digital. Games are for spreading long-term labor and mental health problems that are regarded as problem in the industry, and some of the profits gained on game sales are non-profit charitable organizations

Take This It is planned to be donated to.

"Fork Parker's Crunch Out" is under pre-order at the following site and is available for $ 49.99 (about 5500 yen). The shipping time of the game is about fall of 2018.

Fork Parker's Crunch Out - Mega Cat Studios

Source : http://gigazine.net/gsc_news/en/20180519-fork-parkers-crunch-out/

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