Valve Is Hiring People To Make Actual Games Again

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After take a break for nearly half a decade, Valve is back and making actual games once again.

Earlier this year, Valve head Gabe Newell—who’s been managing Steam and creating hardware like the Steam Link and HTC Vive for the past few years—promised that Valve would be getting back into the game-making business. The first game on the list is >Artifact, a Dota-themed card game, but it sounded like Valve wants to get back into making meatier games like Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life. Now, the company is officially hiring people to make those games.

Valve recently redesigned its website, and the careers page on the spiffy new site hints at a few of the positions Valve wants filled. One notable entry asks for a level designer capable of “building the game world in 3D” and “using entity scripting to create cinematic sequences of gameplay,” something that certainly seems beyond the scope of Artifact. Another position asks for writers with experience in “cinematic and narrative video game writing.”

Other positions Valve is seeking to fill include a game development software engineer, a technical artist, a motion designer, and several other positions within the art, audio design, and software engineering umbrellas.

While the actual games Valve is starting to create remain a mystery, we know that they’ll likely be custom-made to run on Valve’s hardware. When speaking of future gaming projects, Gabe Newell emphasized Valve’s “ability to develop hardware and software simultaneously” and praised Nintendo’s model of creating both hardware (the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS) and the software to run on it.

Currently, Valve hardware includes the HTC Vive, Steam Link, and Steam Controller, though the company may have more in the works if it is developing hardware specifically to accompany its future games.

The first game we know of, >Artifact, is scheduled to launch in 2018.

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