Valve Launches Beta For SteamVR Input System

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Valve has launched the beta for the SteamVR Input system according to an announcement on the digital distributor’s website.

SteamVR Input is a new input system that allows users to create bind configurations for controllers in a game – even if the controller didn’t exist when the game released. In essence, this seems to be Valve’s own homegrown version of JoyToKey or XPadder within the SteamVR ecosystem. Regardless of why someone creates a particular input setup, they’ll be able to share it with the Steam Community for other people to use should they choose to do so.

Support for SteamVR Input is built directly into the system. As long as the application is a SteamVR application, it will be able to use this new input system. Developers will be able to control the default bindings for each controller type and suggest additional control schemes without having to go back into their games and natively code in support.

At the moment, SteamVR Input is in beta. Accessing the beta is done through the usual methodology – go to the Properties for SteamVR in the Library, navigate to the “Betas” tab, and select the beta build from the drop-down. Software and hardware developers have documentation available to look at in the announcement post should they decide that they would like to tinker around with the new system a bit.

The news of this new input system comes on the heels of the announcement that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller would be supported by the Steam Client. The combination of this new controller along with this new input system in testing shows that Valve is making a concerted effort to expand controller options for users of their platform.

What do you think of the SteamVR Input system? Does Valve generally do a good job with controller support or are there areas in which they could improve things? Let us know in the comments below!


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    Valve Launches Beta For SteamVR Input System
    Valve Launches SteamVR Input For User-Made Configurations