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Supercell recently announced their smash hit Clash of Clans game has been updated with loads of new features and improvements. The highest grossing mobile game available on the market, Clash of Clans us now getting even more interesting with the latest update.

Dubbed Dark Spell Factory, the update brings game balancing changes, AI and interface improvements, as well as new leagues and the Legend League Tournament.

According to the official changelog, Supercell has added Titan League and the prestigious Legen League at 5000 Trophies. In addition, Legend League Tournaments are now a new challenge for top players, ending once a month.

Supercell also confirmed that Tournament Legends get their final standings featured in the Top Players tab and profile, and that each tournament resets Legends to 5000 Trophies and converts extras into permanent Legend Trophies.

Both Android and iOS versions have been updated

The update also brings three new spells, a second Air Sweeper which will help clear the skies, starting at Town Hall 9. Dragon level 5 will be available in Town Hall 10.

The new spells included in this update are Poison, Earthquake and Haste. They take half the space of regular spells. Also, developers added Dark Elixir that allows players to make spells with advanced tactics, starting at Town Hall 8.

As mentioned earlier, Supercell also made some AI improvements, so Troops and Heroes are now less likely to target walls unnecessarily (even the Archer Queen). They will also not continue bashing through walls to get to a destroyed target.

Also, Wall Breakers now avoid retargeting towards unnecessary walls when deployed in groups. Last but not least, developers also fixed rare cases where defending Heroes or defenses might get stuck and not attack.

Since the full changelog contains many more new features and improvements, as well as balance adjustments, we have attached it below.

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Clash of Clans for Android & iOS Receive Huge Dark Spell Factory Update
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