In The Year 2018, Devolver Digital Is Releasing A New SNES Game

Although some folks wonder why Devolver Digital hasn’t made that many games for the Nintendo Switch just yet, they can relax. The developer is just getting getting started with the platform.

In a tweet posted earlier today, it announced that it has “over a dozen releases for Nintendo Switch” set to release this year for the Switch. It didn’t provide a specific list for what games are coming, but we’re told to look for more “details soon…”

Oh, and bonus points for the GIF taken from the movie The Wizard with the tough kid testing out Nintendo’s Power Glove. Kinda makes us want to watch the movie again, really. Check it out below.

Counting back catalog releases, new games, and unannounced projects we have over a dozen releases for Nintendo Switch still to come this year! More details soon…

— Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) July 5, 2018

So that leaves some speculation as to what games we’ll see from the company. It has a plethora of indie favorites that would be right at home on the system. For that matter, it’d also be great to see some ports of bigger hits come to it as well. Here’s a rundown of some of our best guesses!

Broforce: Devolver Digital already confirmed this run-and-gun shooter for the system saying that it’s “en route.” A release date wasn’t given but we should probably expect it sometime this fall.

Ruiner: This seems like a natural fit for the Switch, a top-down action game where you take on various forces with your long-range weapons and melee tools. It’s got a dark and futuristic look that would suit the system to a tee.

I Hate Running Backwards: This run-and-gun shooter, where you take on forces that come from the bottom of the screen towards your character, looks like it’d be a great fit for the system. Plus if they threw in local co-op, it could instantly be a favorite.

Shadow Warrior 2: This is a technical powerhouse, so making it work on the Nintendo Switch would be an uphill climb. Still, if Wolfenstein II

can run on the system, this sure can too.

My Friend Pedro: Recently announced at E3, this side-scrolling shoot-a-thon would be perfect for on-the-go play.

Ape Out: Another forthcoming action game with a top-down approach and beautiful artwork, this is one fans would go Ape over.

Absolver: This overlooked 3D action/adventure has some great gameplay going for it and Switch fans would probably appreciate that more than anyone. Plus, martial arts!


OmniBus: Why not? It’s goofy, it’s retro, and it’s filled with free-wheeling chaos.

Again, most of these are guesses (save for Broforce) but here’s hoping Devolver Digital has some goodness coming our way. Oh, and don’t forget to check out Enter the Gungeon in the meantime. It rocks!

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