Horizon Developer Guerrilla Games Recruiting For New Game

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there's about 300 people working at guerrilla, there's no way half the studio were sitting around working on nothing for the final 12 months of H:ZD's development, when it was mostly in bug fixing/testing/polishing. most likely something else was in pre-production. i've no doubt the studio has also begun working on H:ZD 2, which i would expect to take less time that the original. as with killzone (KZ2 took 4+ years), there's usually a lengthy initial development time working on the game engine/tech etc - which was the case with the decima engine used in Horizon. KZ3 was developed in less than 2 years, and SF just over two years (with the disadvantage of also having to port the engine to PS4).

i'd like to see a reboot of killzone - KZ2/3 were both really good, with great multiplayer. i feel sony still needs its own multiplayer shooter franchise, even if CoD sells like 15m on playstation. KZ:SF was a bit naff (both SP and multiplayer) and wouldn't like to see that as the franchise's swansong. i think it got rushed, and other than the graphics, and perhaps a couple of the larger open levels, it could have been a PS3 game with KZ3 level graphics. the game engine had a few issues too - the sprinting animations looked weird, the shooting didn't control at all like KZ2 or KZ3, the audio was a massive step down. with the decima engine, and the skills/staff they've acquired for horizon, i think they could really improve the franchise with a reboot - it worked wonders for god of war, and don't see why it couldn't work for killzone. the franchise actually had a lot of backstory/history/lore that never got told in the games.

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